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Hardwood Floor Refinishing Service & Sanding Services

We will make your floors look like new again!

Nothing compares to the beauty of freshly installed and recently polished hardwood floors, however over the years that beauty starts to fade giving space to dullness, scratches, and even damages. Can that old beauty be restored or even improved? YES, it can. 

By sanding & refinishing, we are able to completely restore your hardwood floors and give you the looks of a fresh installation.Plus, we can enhance it with surface treatment, protecting your floors from future scratches and increasing their lifespan. 

We provide hardwood refinishing services to Sarasota and all nearby services. Don’t hesitate to call or text us for a free estimate.

Does hardwood refinishing really works?

Yes, and it’s amazing how well it does. Refinishing will remove the superficial layer of wood where all the marks, scratches and damages are. Pair that with polishing and high-tech finishes, and the results are usually even better than what you had when your floors were freshly installed.
Are you unsure because of how badly damaged your floors are? Request our free estimate and our especialists will let you know what to expect.

The Benefits of Refinishing Hardwood

Looks Just Like New

Long-lasting Results

New High-Tech Finishes

A fraction of the price of new floors

Are you considering changing floors?
We can help as well!

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Hardwood Refinishing

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