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Will dog pee ruin vinyl planks?

On the contrary, vinyl flooring is one of the most suitable floorings for those who have pets at home? Smooth floors that are sensitive to scratches and require wax should stay away from environments with pets. If you have a dog or cat, you need a floor that is safe, resistant and easy to maintain, such as vinyl flooring.  Check out why vinyl flooring is the ideal flooring for homes with pets.

Vinyl flooring is resistant to your dog’s pee

One of the strengths of vinyl flooring is that it is easy to maintain and is more resistant to water. So if your pet pees, the floor will not stew or stain, as long as it is properly cleaned. Another advantage is that vinyl flooring does not retain odors.

Vinyl flooring is also recommended for its acoustic comfort, especially for those who live in apartments. The dog or the cat can play without disturbing the downstairs neighbor. Despite its wooden appearance, vinyl flooring does not make that annoying “toc toc toc” sound when you walk on it.

Another benefit that vinyl flooring provides for pets is safety. The rustic-looking floors have textures and grooves that help prevent slipping. Therefore, your pet can walk or run without slipping.  Because they are durable and some versions have special scratch-resistant layers, you can let your pet play freely, without fear of damaging the floor.

Because it is athermal, floors made from vinyl also provide more comfort for the animals.

If you live for rent or do not want to face a renovation, it is possible to install vinyl flooring over the original floor and then remove it, without damaging the coating of the property. In these cases, the ideal is to opt for clicked vinyl flooring, which has a fitting installation system that does not require the use of glue. The installation is very quick and practical, and does not make any mess.

How to clean the floor in a house with pets?

Cleaning the house is a constant concern, especially for those who have pets. Therefore, it is important to do deep cleaning at least once a week, and to pay attention to some tips that will leave your house always smelling nice and free of pet hair!

The first of these is to avoid the broom and use a vacuum cleaner instead. This is because the vacuum cleaner is extremely versatile and can clean porcelain and vinyl floors, carpeting, sofas, rugs, and other surfaces.

After removing the hair and the most superficial dirt, use a squeegee with a damp cloth. To make the cleaning even more powerful, dilute specific cleaning products for the type of floor your home has.

This step of diluting the product in water is important, especially to avoid allergies in dogs and cats to cleaning materials. If your pet is more sensitive, prefer to clean with alcohol, detergent, and neutral soap, which do not leave a strong odor.

Remember to always wait until the room is completely dry before letting your pet in, to avoid not only his skin coming into contact with the products, but also slips, falls, and other types of accidents.

Choose the right bed for your dog

The choice of bed should also take into account the floor of the environment. This is because, to know how to choose a dog’s bed, in addition to being proportional to the space – in small rooms, invest in smaller options and, in large environments, opt for more spacious beds – we must consider the material of the accessory, in relation to the type of floor.

For dog beds that will be inside the house, choose upholstery or lightweight materials, cozy and easy to clean. But if the bed will be outside, it is important to select comfortable and weather-resistant options.

The fabric beds can be used on any floor, since they do not offer the risk of damaging them. Wooden beds, on the other hand, are especially recommended for vinyl flooring, satin porcelain tiles, natural grass or stones, and ABS technology flooring, which is resistant to damage and scratches.

Now that you know which flooring is ideal for dogs and cats, you can transform your home!

High Quality Installation is Essential

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