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Can you stain tile floors a different color?

There can be a lot of reasons why you would want to stain or paint your tiles a different color. Maybe they are outdated, they look dirty, stained or simply just not your style anymore. To match the decor you dreamed for your house, you need to change them. But dealing with the mess and cost of replacing them can hurt more than just giving up and letting them be. So, can you stain tile floors a different color?

Tiles are a durable and beautiful design for any floor. They are not that hard to maintain and, if taken good care of, can last a lifetime. But things change, and perhaps you’ve changed too. You want to change the decor style of your house and these old tiles are just not fitting in anymore. However, you basically need to stop living at your house to renovate the whole floor at the same time.

The installation process contains a lot of demolition mess, and it can take over a week to be completed, depending on the size of the floor. But is staining them worth it? Aren’t there any other affordable options to renovate your floors? Well, let’s see how you can stain your tile floors a different color and see if it is worth all the effort.

Tile flooring

Can you stain or paint tiles?

Yes, you can stain tile floors a different color! Each type of tile has their own differences and some might need a different type of approach, but you can probably stain them all. This is a simple process, requiring only that everything is in good shape. Make sure there are no cracks or chipped pieces. If so, you should take the opportunity to replace them.

Natural stone tiles are not glazed or sealed, so they are able to absorb the stain. But most types of tiles are glazed for an extra waterproof protection. However, you don’t need to worry, you will just need to add another step to this process, which is sanding.

Some stains, like wood stains, act more like a paint coat and will just sit over the tile. Which will still look beautiful, but if that is not the look you are looking for, just research a little more. Just keep in mind that this type of stain, or just paint in general, will most likely cover your grouts. And if that is not what you want, we recommend looking for other options.

How to stain your tiles?

This can be a quick process, but a very tedious one, some thorough work need to be done to have good results! Just keep in mind that each step is important for the final results, so be careful with each detail, and you will see the benefits. Be careful as the steps as delicate and if they don’t look how you wanted, there is no turning back.

Prepare your tiles to stain

You should sand glazed or polished tiles, especially if they are damaged or disfigured by bleach. Sanding removes the glaze and provides a gritty surface that allows primer and paint to adhere to the tile’s surface.

However, if your tile floor is constructed of natural stone or unglazed tile, you will not need to sand the surface. Just make sure the surface isn’t uneven. If this is the case, you may wish to sand the surface to make it more flat and absorb the stain better.

To sand them carefully but precisely, you can use a mechanical sander. But if you don’t have one, just take your time using sandpaper. Be sure to reach every corner and don’t leave any spots behind. Soon, your floors will be even and ready to be stained!

Clean each corner

After you are done sanding it well, it is time to clean it! Sweep off every dust and dirt out of the floor, then scrub it with a light cleanser, so it doesn’t build up and ruin your sanding process. At last, rinse it thoroughly with water and let it fully dry.

Stain your tile floor

You will need a primer first and probably 1 to 2 coats of it before applying the stain. Follow the directions of the brand you purchased it. To make sure it has fully dried, touch it and see if it still feels sticky. If not, then it is ready for the stain application. Some brands might ask you to do a light sanding over the primer, before staining.

Use a roller to apply the product, and repeat the process until it is even and firm! The amount of coats will depend on the brand and on the color of the existing tile. After it completely dries off, your new floor is set and ready to be used normally!


Yes, you can stain tile floors a different color, it is a lot of work! You need to be careful about every detail so they look the way you dreamed off. But talking about the home of your dreams, why not just get the best results all at once?

With a team of experts, you can be sure that your floors will look just like your dreams! Here, at Metaflooring, we have a lot of affordable options to renovate your home.

If you love the look of tile, but don’t want to go through all the work to remove and install new ones, you have a lot of options. Check our products and contact us to get a free quote and see how easy it can be to renovate your home!

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